Summer Wishlist

Now that it is June, summer is in full swing here in Fresno. When you grow up in a desert, summer heat descends with unbridled force. The kind of heat that makes you dread getting into a parked car and makes you crave an iced tea at 7 am. As such, I am decidedly more [...]

Apartment Inspo

Apartment Inspo

It's official! Moving boxes have been unpacked and I officially have a new place to call home! I spent countless hours purging the many knick knacks I had collected (many of which I had conveniently placed under my bed) and even more time cleaning, but at long last, I have settled into my cozy little [...]

Summer Essentials

I know it might seem preemptive to be thinking about summer, but there's just too many cute pieces for me to ooh and ahh over as I sit here at home. in between classes, my natural instinct is to open Revolve, Anthropologie, or Hautelook and start dreaming of all the clothes I would fill my [...]

Wishlist: All Things Pink

Even though Valentine's Day has come and passed, it hasn't stopped me from obsessing over everything pink and puff-sleeved that I come across. February simply is the perfect excuse for me to embrace all the shades of pink that are appearing in every storefront. I still haven't been able to pinpoint when I became the [...]