Holiday Gift Guide

If you have ever read about love languages, you probably know that gift-giving is one of the ways in which people express love. And it happens to be my love language! I absolutely love picking out gifts for the people in my life and take so much pride in finding thoughtful and meaningful gifts. I [...]

Anniversary Sale Picks

Anyone who considers themself a "Nordie" has probably already marked their calendars for this year's Anniversary Sale and has started putting together their wishlist. Growing up, we were always a Nordstrom family, and even now, whenever we go on a shopping spree, we always grab lunch at the Nordstrom Cafรฉ. I didn't even know a [...]

Workout Favorites

COVID has all but brought my workout routine to a halt these past few months. With the exception of *almost* daily walks, my mom and I have missed going to a studio and actually toning and building muscle. Although there are a variety of at-home workouts that I know come highly recommended, I never seem [...]

Summer Wishlist

Now that it is June, summer is in full swing here in Fresno. When you grow up in a desert, summer heat descends with unbridled force. The kind of heat that makes you dread getting into a parked car and makes you crave an iced tea at 7 am. As such, I am decidedly more [...]