5 Designers I am Utterly Obsessed With

Every year, a new flurry of brands show up on the fashion scene. And consequently, I find that each year a couple of stand outs will catch my eye and I become immediately enamored with them. This year, as I prepare to attend multiple weddings and some bridal events of my own, I have had an eye set on occasion wear unlike ever before. There are endless options to scroll through, with Revolve and Shopbop holding me captive with their irresistible eye candy and confection of dresses galore.

Those who know me are well aware of my love for dramatic silhouettes and striking patterns, so it won’t come as any surprise that the brands I am featuring in this post are a reflection of both. Trends come and go, but artistry is undeniable and I have a deep admiration for how these companies are paving the way for the world of ready to wear fashion.

Without further ado, here are the five brands I am obsessed with:


What I love about AMUR’s collections are the movement and femininity of their silhouettes.  

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Making a departure from the trendy oversized puff sleeves and full skirt pieces that have dominated in recent years, PatBo has stepped onto the fashion scene with tasteful cutouts and flattering lines that epitomize the craftsmanship of the brand. Their vibrant patterns harken back to their founder’s Brazilian heritage and are beautifully executed to create exuberant while still elegant pieces.

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Sau Lee

Hong Kong-based company Sau Lee boasts ethereal and dramatic pieces that are ideal for any occasion. From beautiful silk numbers to whispy organza gowns, Sau Lee brings an East meets West aesthetic to the fashion world in the most covetable way.

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Sabina Musayev

Elegance is not just to be found in a simple LBD and pearls and Sabina Musayev is proof of that. With sophisticated silhouettes and a proclivity for subtle yet meaningful details, I am smitten with their dresses.

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While other clothing lines are quick to sacrifice fun at the expense of being chic, Spanish-based brand Celia B finds balance in both.  Their whimsical patterns and quality fabrics make their dresses simply irresistible!

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