Best Beauty Products of 2020

This year, more than any has taught me the importance of self-care. I always strive to remember to invest in myself occasionally and take the time my body and mind need to reset. Being forced to stay at home has obliged me to slow down and reexamine what works and what doesn’t work in my routine, which of course includes the ever-so-important beauty routine. Yes, beauty absolutely comes from within, but if we are talking about products that accentuate beauty, it really starts with skincare. I have tried countless products to keep my skin hydrated and healthy, but never really nailed down which products were the essentials in my routine.

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  1. Kate Somerville Peel: This is not just a favorite of 2020, but a long-time love of mine. This peel instantly polishes your skin without reddening or irritating my skin (and I have very sensitive skin). It is made with natural ingredients and a pea-sized amount is all you need to exfoliate your entire face.
  2. Giorgio Armani Foundation: This foundation is such a game-changer for combination skin. With a matte, yet natural finish, the foundation is buildable for acne-prone skin and incredibly lightweight.
  3. Tarte Shape Tape: There is no better concealer in the world of makeup as far as I am concerned. I have tried countless other concealers, but the Taste shape tape is second to none with its high coverage, creamy smooth application. I also love that it is a buildable formula for when you need to cover a blemish or redness.
  4. Dior Addict Lip Volumizer: This lip maximizer was perhaps the most pleasant surprise I found in my many trips to Sephora. It instantly starts taking effect when you apply it and makes your lips perfectly plump. With its light shimmery finish, it gives you just a touch of color without losing its natural look.
  5. Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer: This bronzer is my absolute favorite and it is only $15! Despite how affordable it is, it has such a smooth and natural finish while still giving you a noticeable, warm glow. Whereas some bronzers can go on streaky and too dark, I have never run into that problem with this bronzer and can apply it in 30 seconds with no worries of needing to blend it in for 5 minutes.
  6. Benefit Brow Pencil: It is hard to keep my brows under control – they want to grow every which way they can and rarely behave. The Benefit brow pencil makes it so seamlessly easy to tame your brows with its dual tip brush and liner combo. It comes in a wide range of colors for all hair colors and unlike drug store brow pencils that tend to break more easily, lasts longer, and glides on your brows more effortlessly.
  7. Nรฉcessaire Body Lotion: I am horribly guilty of not using lotion because I absolutely hate when my skin feels oily. However, Necessaire defies the odds with its lightweight and effective formula. I also like that their lotion is scent-free because it won’t clash with the smell of your perfume or hair products.
  8. Zit Sticka Acne Patches: I am pretty candid about struggling with acne on Instagram and have tested various acne solutions that just haven’t done the job. If you’re like me and are prone to the occasional whopper of a zit, you need Zit Sticka in your life. I love that their patches are large enough to cover even the worst pimple, and drastically reduce swelling and inflammation overnight. Although they are a little bit pricier for a pack of eight, they are indispensable if you need to zap a zit quickly.
  9. Differin Gel: I love it when I can find drugstore beauty products that are comparable to what I would normally buy at Sephora or Ulta and this moisturizer does not disappoint. Differin’s formula helps minimize breakouts and restore the skin by facilitating skin cell turnover. Unlike other retinol products, Differin is a retinoid and is much more gentle on the skin. Having used it since my senior year of high school, I can say that it has truly made such a difference in my complexion.
  10. Laneige Sleep Mask: Do you ever hold off on buying something for the mere fact that it’s popular and everyone won’t stop talking about it? That’s how I felt about Laneige’s lip mask. I thought, “how effective could a lip mask truly be?” and yet, low and behold here I am raving about it like the rest of the world. It seriously works wonders and I wear both day and night for fuller, hydrated lips.
  11. Herbivore Coco Rose Exfoliating Body Scrub: I am horribly prone to dry skin (probably because I never use lotion oops) and so especially in the winter my skin is just begging for a little love and this scrub completely revitalizes my skin. Calling it a body “polish” is more appropriate because it immediately takes off any dead skin, while still leaving skin smooth and soft. Made with Moroccan rose oil and virgin coconut oil. I also love that is formulated with gentle ingredients.

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