My Favorite Gluten-Free Snacks

As the market for gluten-free goods has grown, the number of brands producing gluten-free products has grown substantially. Whereas two years ago, it was difficult to find the gluten-free aisle in the grocery store (let alone if they even had one), today there are options galore! In fact, there are so many choices of crackers, bread, chips, and baking mixes that it’s almost overwhelming!

Fortunately, I’ve taken the liberty of taste-testing as many varieties of gluten-free crackers as I could to help resolve this issue in the past 4 years since going gluten-free….ok maybe I wasn’t eating them for research, but the consequence is the same. Having eaten my fair share of GF snacks, some definitely outshine others, and these brands are the ones that I love the most. The most crucial element that these all have in common: the perfect crunch. The texture is everything when it comes to eating gluten-free and these all have that  *snap* that makes you want to eat the entire bag! They even have my mom’s (who isn’t gluten-free) stamp of approval, so you know that they are seriously tasty!

  1. Milton’s Gluten-Free Crackers: I am a borderline fanatic for Milton’s crackers – especially their Multigrain flavor! These are a pantry staple in my apartment and so satisfyingly savory. Crispy and light, they are the perfect afternoon snack when paired with hummus. Click here for where to buy them!MILTON
  2. Blue Diamond Nut Thins: I’ve been munching on Nut Thins since before I started college and I never tire of them! Whatever mood you’re in –  savory, sweet, zesty…there’s a flavor for each day of the week. I particularly love the Honey Cinnamon flavor but will warn you that it’s so easy to mow through an entire box. Click here for where to buy them!Black-Bean-Dip-And-NutThins
  3. Simple Mills Sea Salt Crackers: Simple Mills has been a pioneer in not only gluten-free crackers but also gluten-free cake mixes and flours. Everything they make is delicious and they offer a huge variety of flavors, including rosemary sea salt and sundried tomato & basil, that are great for dipping in hummus or topping with apple and cheese. Click here for where to buy them!Simple_Mills_Almond_Flour_Crackers281of129
  4. Pop Corners: Delightfully crunchy and surprisingly low-calorie, I love Pop Corners and almost always have a bag (sometimes two) on hand in my apartment. If you are a popcorn-lover as I am, you have to try this innovative chip.  I often buy the variety pack of personal-serving bags and particularly love both their Kettle Corn and White Cheddar flavor! Click here for where to buy them!popcorners_3oz_whitecheddar-2_1
  5. RW Garcia: I started buying RW Garcia crackers when I stumbled upon them in Central Market last year and they are so delicious! Made with a blend of veggies and corn, I love the texture and flavor of these crackers. Every flavor I have tried has been incredibly tasty, but you can’t go wrong with the Beet or Harvest Vegetable flavors. Click here for where to buy them!DSC_0504
  6. Quinn’s Gluten-Free Pretzels: These are a new favorite of mine in the realm of pretzels. Growing up, I used to get an acidic stomach easily and pretzels became a household staple. I still love them just as much as I did then, and actually think gluten-free pretzels taste better than the originals! Quinn’s have the perfect crunch and just the right amount of salt – pretzels have never been so crave-worthy! Click here for where to buy them!

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7. Trader Joe’s Mini Savory Thins: These have been a household favorite in my family for years now and they are still one of my absolute favorites. Made with rice flour, these thin crackers have an addicting crunch that will make you reach for more…maybe even the whole bag haha! These crackers are proof that Trader Joe’s can do no wrong and are a great addition to your next charcuterie board for a fun twist!

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