Anniversary Sale Picks

Anyone who considers themself a “Nordie” has probably already marked their calendars for this year’s Anniversary Sale and has started putting together their wishlist. Growing up, we were always a Nordstrom family, and even now, whenever we go on a shopping spree, we always grab lunch at the Nordstrom Café. I didn’t even know a place called Dillards existed until I moved to Dallas!

So each year around this time, when the Anniversary Sale approaches, I get excited. Given my love of online shopping, I usually shop the sale on their website, and this year especially given the circumstances, shopping the sale virtually seems ideal.

I think people shop the sale from a couple different motives. There are the people who want to stock up on fall/winter essentials and then there are the people who have been eyeing a few expensive pieces that they are hoping will be marked down. I tend to fall in the latter category and usually piece together my wardrobe throughout the year. So, I put together my wishlist with the pieces that I think are the best deals and those which I’ve been eyeing longingly for months.

With early access beginning August 4-18h, I can hardly wait to add all of these finds to my shopping cart! Happy shopping!

Anniversary Sale Picks

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