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COVID has all but brought my workout routine to a halt these past few months. With the exception of *almost* daily walks, my mom and I have missed going to a studio and actually toning and building muscle. Although there are a variety of at-home workouts that I know come highly recommended, I never seem to make it through an entire virtual session (I usually end up laying down on my mat about halfway through).

Fortunately, as restrictions have started lifting, our favorite workout studio has finally opened its doors again! We could not be happier to get back into the studio, albeit a little fearful of how sore we will be the next day from having not worked out in so long. Of course, getting back on a routine has made me realize that I am in desperate need of some new workout attire.

I have certainly been wearing out my leggings these past few months – mainly as loungewear haha – and could defeinitely use a revamp on my sports bra collection. So, I’ve been scouring every athletic wear brand I can think of in search of pieces to add to my wardrobe and decided to share my favorite finds and purchases here! I’ve also included some workout accessories that I love for those who still might not have access to workout studios and are working out from home. Now, it’s time to get our sweat on!



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