Summer Wishlist

Now that it is June, summer is in full swing here in Fresno. When you grow up in a desert, summer heat descends with unbridled force. The kind of heat that makes you dread getting into a parked car and makes you crave an iced tea at 7 am. As such, I am decidedly more of a fall and spring kind of girl (I blame my sun-sensitive skin and many summers spent practicing golf in the 100-degree Fresno heat LOL). That being said, I still look forward to summer because I love having the freedom to be lazy, travel (well, not this year haha), and build my summer wardrobe!

Between Fresno and Dallas, summer seems to last 6 months out of the year, so I don’t mind investing in summer staples as much as I do a winter sweater for our short-lived winters. Anyone who knows me is also well-aware that I LOVE color. My closet looks like a box of Lucky Charms exploded in it, but I am not ashamed of my penchant for pastels and jewel tones.

Lately, with more time on my hands to shop, but less reason to justify buying anything, I’ve been compiling an ever-growing wishlist of items that I am waiting to purchase until I have reason to wear them. Somewhere in the frenzy of scrolling through Revolve, Shopbop, and the other usual suspects, I also spotted a couple of items that I likely won’t buy unless they get marked down, but added to my wishlist as stylistic inspiration. Case in point: the $300 Mignonne Gavigan earrings I have been eyeing for months. I might not buy them from myself anytime soon, but man do they set the bar high for any future jewelry purchases I consider making this summer!

My summer wishlist will undoubtedly grow as the season progresses, but I wanted to share just a few pieces that have caught my eye that I will be daydreaming about in the meantime. My hope is that some of y’all will actually introduce these pieces into your closet so that I can live vicariously through you when I see you rocking any one of these items! For now, I’ll keep dreaming.



Summer Wishlist

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