Not So Basic Tees

When it comes to building my wardrobe, I’ve never been one to keep a basic white tee and jeans look in my closet. I absolutely love how polished it looks to wear a plain tee with a tailored pant and mules. However, I just don’t naturally gravitate towards basics or ever build a wardrobe around them. I am a pattern and color girl all the way and I’ve learned to embrace it rather than attempt to master a look that doesn’t match my personality.

Lately, though, the current state of things in the nation and around the world has drastically altered all of our routines, meaning the puff-sleeve blouses I am so fond of just don’t seem as practical for lounging around the house. Some days, I just want something I can slip over my head and not have to iron or dry-clean. Fortunately, I brought some of my favorite tees home with me, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been adding more and more t-shirts to my shopping cart whenever I find myself perusing the web. Of course, my idea of a basic tee still calls for some embellishment or pop of color, so I’ve put together a list of some of the pieces I want to add to my closet next!

Not So Basic Tees-2

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

Want to see more casual pieces to add to your wardrobe? Drop a message in the comments below and I will make it happen!



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