10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I am a music junkie and listen to virtually all genres (except heavy metal ew). I can rattle off the years most hits from the 90s and 2000s came out after many Saturday mornings spent watching “I Love the 2000s” and “100 One Hit Wonders of the 90s” on VH1. Not to mention, my parents curated my love of classic rock, so I know my fair share of hits by The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, and The Who. On the sly, my mom and I would also listen to 90’s hip hop on our morning route to school, so I know all the lyrics to “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” and other songs I’m too embarrassed to share LOL.
  2. I have a formidable sweet tooth which make for a long list of guilty pleasures. Among them, two things I can’t live without are diet ginger ale (sometimes diet root beer if I’m in the mood) and chocolate chips. I have both stocked in my kitchen at all times and although I make a conscious effort to eliminate refined sugar and other harmful ingredients, these are two things I just can’t cut out of my life!
  3. I am an artist (kinda hehe)! I am by no means a Renoir or Degas, but it is a secret passion of mine that has followed me throughout life. I even considered pursuing a fine arts degree in college! I especially love to compose sketches of shoes and haute couture pieces and will often destress by turning to a clean page in a sketchbook and drawing whatever comes to mind.
  4. Chicago is undeniably my favorite city (in the US). I am not only a foodie, but I love art and museums to the Art Institute of Chicago is my version of paradise. Not to mention the architecture is breathtaking, and although it’s a big city, it has an undeniable Midwestern charm that you can’t find in other big cities.
  5. In high school, I was a National Speech and Debate champion (*nerd*). Most people who meet me are surprised to learn that I did debate in high school because I am not an argumentative person by nature and tend to be more soft-spoken, but I loved being on the team and researching and writing debate cases. It completely defined my high school experience!
  6. I am trilingual! I don’t often talk about my majors but one of them is World Languages, so I am fluent in both Spanish and Italian in addition to English. My accent will forever be in need of refining but I actually love to watch both Italian and Spanish Netflix series including Narcos and Gomorra!
  7. My forever favorite TV series is Gilmore Girls. I’ve seen all seven seasons three times and am now watching it again for the fourth time. I never get tired of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s witty writing and the show’s quick-paced banter, and I will forever aspire to be Rory Gilmore. My mom and I used to watch an episode (more often 2-3) every night after everyone else in our family had gone to bed and it’s still one of my favorite memories.
  8. I am definitely an introvert. Like everyone in my family, I require at least an hour a day to just be by myself and decompress from the day. I absolutely light up when I see people throughout the day and love to be social, but I am perfectly content to be alone and spend Friday night in pajamas with some roasted veggies and Netflix.
  9. I am a morning person!! Ever since I was a little kid, I have been an early riser and have been known to be a little too chatty in the mornings for some. I also just love the sound of birds chirping every morning and starting my day with breakfast and a nice cup of coffee. There is also no worse feeling to me than waking up past 8:30 and feeling like I’ve already wasted the day.
  10. I am notoriously stubborn – like jaw clenched, not moving until I’ve won kind of stubborn. Even though my red hair turned blonde, I still hold onto some of the fiery traits that irrefutably came with the red hair gene. My dad used to say that I’d rather go through the adobe wall than the front door of our house. Some things just don’t change as you get older, and as much as I try not to be stubborn, it’s just part of who I am. My stubbornness makes me persistent and steadfast, and I wouldn’t change these things about myself, even if I do have a tendency to dig my heels in on an issue,

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