Alpha Chi Couture 2020


This year’s Alpha Chi Couture was an especially memorable event for my sorority as we finally hit the $1,000,000 mark in funds raised to support domestic violence awareness! I also had the opportunity to strut my stuff on the catwalk this year and spend the weekend with my mom and grandma, making this past weekend one that I will look back on as one of my favorite college experiences.

For those who aren’t familiar, Alpha Chi Couture is an annual fashion show that my sorority started here at SMU and has grown into both the largest charitable event held by a Greek organization on campus as well as the largest event held by an Alpha Chi Omega chapter in the US. In other words, it’s kinda a big deal. And rightfully so, because domestic violence awareness is not only an important cause but one that is prevalent among college-aged women.

Truthfully, most days it’s not a subject that crosses my mind, but every time someone starts rattling off the statistics, it begins to flood my thoughts. Knowing that 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lives is hard to fathom, let alone when I consider that chances are, I will know or do know (without realizing it) someone who is part of that statistic.

It gives me so much pride to see what my sorority accomplishes each year and especially to know that we are empowering real, strong women. Of course, women are not the only victims of domestic violence so this message is not only applicable to women but also to men.ย It’s not an easy subject to talk about, but it’s one that needs to be addressed and I am thankful to be surrounded by people in my community who facilitate such a supportive environment for one another.

To be able to walk in the show this year was such an honor. Not to mention, the pieces that Tootsie’s provided for all the models in the show were absolutely stunning. If you haven’t been over to Tootsie’s in Dallas’s Preston Center, it is worth a trip! Its seemingly endless collection of dresses and accessories practically line its walls from floor to ceiling! Featuring brands like Cinq a Sept, LoveShackFancy, and Jonathan Simkhai, you’ll feel like you’ve just walked into an authentic atelier.

After this weekend, it’s probably a good thing for me to get back to reality. Yet, I think it’s good to step outside ourselves once in a while and put things in perspective. I am thankful for this life and grateful for the support system I have. I try not to take things for granted and to remind myself there are women like those whose stories I heard on Friday, who have endured so much more than I can imagine.

So my message to you is to hug your loved ones a little tighter and be a constant in their life because everyone deserves to feel empowered.



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