Wishlist: All Things Pink

Even though Valentine’s Day has come and passed, it hasn’t stopped me from obsessing over everything pink and puff-sleeved that I come across. February simply is the perfect excuse for me to embrace all the shades of pink that are appearing in every storefront. I still haven’t been able to pinpoint when I became the girl who liked to dress like Glenda the Good Witch, but alas here we are!

For those like me who are fanatics of the color pink, I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe!

All Things Pink

  1. See by Chloe Hana Mini Crossbody
  2. LPA Sophia Sweater
  3. LPA Lucy Skirt
  4. Betsey Johnson Crystal Cuties Double Heart Earrings
  5. Superdown Rosalie Striped Dress
  6. Tasha Embellished Bobby Pins
  7. Sam Edelman Ethyl Low-Top Sneakers
  8. Rachel Parcell Eyelet Sheath Dress
  9. The Brightener Two Part Cell Renewal Kit
  10. Superdown Satin Top


All of these finds will be on my wishlist for Spring, but if you happen to snag any of these pieces I would love to see how you style them to make them your own!



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