Reasons to Love MYX Blend Bar

Last weekend, my sorority held a profit share event at MYX Blend Bar in Dallas’s West Village shopping center to support our annual philanthropy event, Alpha Chi Couture in February. Alpha Chi Couture is our sorority’s most anticipated event and benefits Genesis Women’s Shelter, the OneLove Foundation, and the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation, helping to empower real, strong women.

So of course, what could be better than a place that allows you to customize the perfect lipstick shade that makes you feel as beautiful as you deserve? MYX Blend Bar is a girl’s dream come true!

With expertized staff and every shade imaginable (not to mention great add-ins like lip plumper and sunscreen!) I cannot speak highly enough about MYX.

So, what’s my perfect shade? There’s a lot of science that goes into choosing the right color for your skin tone, hair color etc., but to be honest, I just knew I wanted something that Elle Woods would wear. After much deliberation, and a failed attempt to avoid getting lipstick on my teeth in the process, I settled on a vibrant pink hue with a peachy undertone. I opted for their matte lipstick since I tend to add gloss after I apply lipstick, but depending on what you are looking for, MYX offers four unique products: gloss, lipstick, liquid lipstick, and a tinted lip balm.

The best part of the entire process? The unveiling! I wasn’t a huge believer in magic until I watched as my glob of pink goo transformed in MYX’s custom-designed lipstick mold. It’s almost too pretty to use, but believe me when I say I’ve already put my creation to good use.

I am already itching to go back and make another creation at the blend bar so if you find yourself in the area, let’s get our glam on!



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