My Amazon Picks

My Amazon Picks

Amazon Prime Day officially starts tomorrow, and in honor of this long-awaited holiday, I am rounding up my favorite Amazon purchases of the year! Truthfully, I spend more time on Amazon than I care to admit, but having developed my sale shopping repertoire, I get more excited than the average person at the thought of a day dedicated to deals!

So, without further ado, here are my top Amazon picks:

  1. Whitmor Shoe Rack: I recently invested in this shoe rack and cannot rave enough about this closet staple! As someone who owns more shoes than I do shirts, this shoe rack is perfect in that it is expandable and even stackable. At only $18, this shoe rack is comparable to anything you would find at The Container Store for a fraction of the price!
  2. Lamy All-star Fountain Pen: I discovered Lamy pens when I saw one of my professors using it one day. Aside from the fact that these pens come in an array of colors to match your personality, unlike other fountain pens I have used in the past, this one is 1000 times easier to use and glides on paper without blotting. While these are difficult to find in-store, on Amazon most colors range in the $25-$30 range which is a bargain by most pen standards.
  3. Golden Beach Chair: I searched high and low for the perfect desk chair to pair with my new room aesthetic (will be sharing details about it soon!) and fell in love with the dusky pink color and velvet material of this glam chair! At $110, it is deceptively affordable given how well-made and comfortable it is.
  4. For Love & Lemons Sweetheart Mini Dress: As I’ve mentioned before, I am a hardcore sale shopper and I was over the moon to find this heart-print dress for $68 on Amazon. Prices have since gone up for some sizes, but I wanted to include this on my list because I definitely recommend searching Amazon for anything from For Love & Lemons, Keepsake, Finders Keepers, or C/Meo Collective before paying full price.
  5. EXpace Folding Step Stool: Full disclosure, I realize this is not the coolest things on this list, but hear me out when I say that finding a cute step stool is a feat! I am only 5’2″ and quickly discovered I needed a step stool in my apartment to reach the top shelf in every room. This collapsible stool comes in a variety of prints and is a lifesaver for those of us with “short people problems”.
  6. Freyr Sunglasses: I am obsessed with these sunglasses! But, you won’t see me wear them anytime soon because I bought them for my mom who then passed them onto my grandma (LOL). That being said, these are great sunglasses and I love the tortoiseshell frame! Despite being under $100, these look like designer shades and will give you that chic edge that any good pair of sunnies will endow!
  7. Elta MD UV Daily Sunscreen: If you read my recent Hair and Skin Essentials post, it won’t come as a surprise that Elta MD made this list as one of my favorite purchases! With transparent zinc oxide and formula suited for sensitive, acne-prone skin types, the Elta MD sunscreen is the first thing I apply in my makeup routine each morning and has never let me down. Although it is difficult to find in-store, I can depend on Amazon so that I never run out of this moisturizing sunscreen!
  8. Skinny Dipped Almonds: There are a couple things that I keep stocked in my pantry, and Skinny Dipped Almonds are top-of-the-list! You can now find them at Target and most grocery stores, but you won’t find these 60-calorie personal packs in-store. The perfect size to stash in your backpack on the way to class or in your purse for a mid-afternoon snack, I depend on these little packets for a protein-packed chocolate fix. I am partial to the espresso flavor, but you really can’t go wrong with anything chocolate-coated.
  9. Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer: At a smooth $34.95, I took full advantage of this deal on this little electric mixer. Apartment living doesn’t accommodate a full-size electric mixer, so this 5-speed mixer is perfect! Prices vary depending on the color you select, but many styles are available for under $40 and with Amazon Prime, you can have a batch of cookies fresh out of the oven before your midnight cravings strike!

Set your timers y’all because, in less than 24 hours, Amazon Prime Day will have arrived! While these have been my favorite purchases, I will be sure to share anything I spot tomorrow when the deals start! In the meantime, enjoy your Sunday and thank you for reading!




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