5 Reasons I’m Thankful Today

In honor of the Thanksgiving season, I felt compelled to share some sunshine that has made me feel especially thankful today as I made my way back to Dallas.

  1. My Uber Drivers: As a small town girl living a big city dream, it helps to have Uber drivers that you also feel you can trust. It’s always a gamble, but today my drivers renewed my faith in the driving service. My first driver was a lovely elderly gentleman who spoke five – FIVE! – languages: Ethiopian, Greek, French, English and Arabic. As a World Languages major, I could probably learn more from this man than most. He had lived everywhere – Ethiopia, Athens and obviously Dallas – some might say he is the most interesting man in the world, second only to the gruff Dos Equis man. Later that day, I had a second driver who beamed as he informed me he had a 13 year-old son and 8 year-old daughter. I learned that his son attends a magnate school in Dallas and is on his way to becoming an engineer, while his daughter is the spitting image of her mother. We proceeded to look at pictures of his Thanksgiving feast and discuss the value of having a job that allows him to attend his kids’ soccer games each weekend. It was a good reminder for me not to underestimate the value of starting a conversation with a perfect stranger.
  2. My “Saturdays in the South” baseball hat: Some days, a girl just needs a day to have a bad hair day. Granted, it wasn’t my intention to hide beneath a baseball cap today – I did do my hair before my flight – but something about falling asleep on a plane just doesn’t seem to do any favors for a girl’s hair. A good baseball cap is a great staple for bad hair days, especially one that reminds you what day of the week it is (I definitely thought it was Friday for the better half of the day).

  3. My Louise et Cie Flats: These flats make running through an airport seem like a walk through the park (I exaggerate a little here but you get the point). I caught my connection in these flats on the way home with only 10 minutes to spare, and they’ve stood the test. Why not be bold from head to toe when you have the chance?! Holla for leopard print E V E R Y T H A N G!Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  4. A beautiful fall day: This time of year can be so magical. Driving back from the airport, the world seemed to stop for a moment as I looked out the window upon a sea of orange and red. Days like these make me so grateful for fresh air and the autumn breeze. I found myself slip on my running shoes the moment I set my suitcase down and took a 4 mile walk that put everything in perspective. Take a deep breath and exhale because this is the time of year that invites us to take a step back to appreciate our surroundings.
  5. My family (duh!): This goes without saying, but family is the reason I anticipate Thanksgiving every year. Though fleeting, time back home always centers my focus and helps me power through finals. Sometimes, we just need to be with the ones who raised us, shaped us, and love us through each stage of life. I am who I have become as a result of who others have been in my times of need. When I have the opportunity to be home, I make a concerted effort to be present. Unplug, unwind, and enjoy the company of those who give us reason to be thankful year-round because time is finite, but memories are not.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

If you have five minutes, write down and share 5 reasons you’re thankful today! Radiate the warmth you receive because we can always use a little more sunshine in our lives. Until next time!

-xo Grace

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