Show Your Spots!

It’s that time of year again! Ok, who am I kidding?! It’s ALWAYS that time of year if you are me. *suspense builds, “What is she talking about? What could it be?”*

But, with fall officially here (at least according to my calendar) I feel that it’s perfectly acceptable to SHOW. YOUR. WILD SIDE! *audible gasp from the audience*

Love it or hate it, cheetah print makes a statement and I am never opposed to animal print of any kind. However, cheetah print seems to be the “move” for all trendsetters hitting the fashion scene this fall.

So of course, when J. Crew sent me an email advertising “Up to 40% off full-priced items!!” in  flashing letters, I couldn’t resist the urge to postpone my organizational management research in favor of some much-needed retail therapy. And let me just say, it was worth the accusatory side-eye I received from my fellow library patrons.

J. Crew has seriously stolen my heart with their latest collection, much of which features variations of leopard. Linen, sheath, velvet, calf hair – you name it, they’ve “cheetah-fied” it! What I love more though is that J. Crew does an especially good job of styling leopard into everyday looks in a way that isn’t too “loud”. And best of all, the savings are sweeter than a tall PSL (disclaimer: I’ve still never tried one but I am making the presumption for the metaphor’s sake).

Rightfully, I pounced on the sale with a Confessions-of-a-Shopaholic-esque fervor. I may or may not have also signed up for email updates with my student email to get an additional 15% off.  When an opportunity presents itself, you just have to seize the moment – even if that means bombarding your inbox with twice the number of daily J. Crew email notifications.

But that’s not the only sale going on this week and next weekend! Be sure to stock up on other great pieces at Shopbop (sale ends today!) and keep your eyes pried for sales in the upcoming weekend. The first weekend of October is historically a BIG sale weekend – something I’ve only just learned and am excitedly anticipating!

In the meantime, sip some coffee (or tea) and check out these pieces all featuring cheetah print, and see why it’s going to be every girl’s go-to for fall! (Each image is linked!)

-xo Grace

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