5 Tips for Styling Your Jersey

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with Rookie CamAll my sorority gals out there, you probably have a jersey in your closet…maybe buried under layers of sorority tees that have been passed down if you’re like me.But every Wednesday, I dig through my pile at 7:00 am (still haven’t mastered “planning ahead”) and throw on my jersey.

Prior to rushing, I used to get so excited to see girls repping their jerseys on Jersey Days, and marvel at how cute they looked. I couldn’t wait to have one of my own to wear! And while I had seen millions of girls turn heads in their Jersey Day looks, it wasn’t until I got my jersey that I realized it’s not nearly as easy as it looks to style a jersey. In the beginning I even used to dread having to plan what to wear with my letters on Jersey Day because I had absolutely NO CLUE what to do the ominous potato sack I had to iron each week. After many Jersey Day’s though, and some failed attempts to style it properly, I’ve figured out a couple tricks that will make Jersey Day something to look forward to each week.

Here are my 5 tips for styling your jersey!

  1. Tuck or Tie It: Being petite poses a lot of difficulty to pulling off not only a jersey, but virtually any tee for me. Some people totally pull off the oversized tee, but I am sadly not part of that select group. Instead, I often tuck my knee-length jersey into a pair of cutoffs or jeans. More often, I actually knot the extra fabric in the front at the point where I want the tee to end – usually around the waistline. It is so easy to do, and makes a world of difference! As a rule of thumb though, never tuck an oversized tee into a pair of ultra-tight pants. Personal experience has taught me that when there is nowhere for all that extra fabric to go, I end up looking….for lack of a better term, lumpy. Worse yet, I feel uncomfortable. So, I tend to only tuck my jersey into shorts or a loose-fitting pair of jeans.
  2. Accessorize It: I usually only wear a watch and earrings with any outfit out of fear of over-accessorizing, but that’s pretty hard to do with a jersey. Like a tee, it has a great neckline to add a dainty necklace or choker and is a blank canvas where you can add your personal touch. If you like to play off of your sorority’s colors, adding a pop of color with a statement earring is a great way to jazz it up without being too obvious. Personally though, I love to wear a belt on Jersey Day because it elevates the look from casual to chic without trying too hard. Skinny or statement, real or faux, $500 or $5, you can’t go wrong!
  3. Make a Statement with your Shoes: Because everyone will be wearing their jersey ย on the same day, pairing your jersey with a statement shoe is a fun way to personalize your look. Because my jersey distorts my proportions slightly, I try to opt for something with a little (or a lotta) height like a platform wedge/sneaker. Not only is it more flattering because it creates the illusion of longer legs, it is an effortless way to be bold. But, if you get anxiety at the thought of walking in a wedge, a fashion sneaker is just as cute and is another great way to tie in the colors of your letters into your outfit. If you haven’t invested in a pair yet, you might as well get a pair that has a stripe/design in your sorority’s colors because they will go with everything!
  4. Roll the Sleeves: Show off your arms! Rolling the sleeves 1, 2…or 4 times haha creates a prettier silhouette and accentuates the arms. Jersey sleeves can often hit at the wrong point and are typically longer than a traditional tee. Rolling the sleeves is easy to do and if you have a little fabric glue (a great investment for hemming jeans, curtains, tees etc.) you can secure them in place. And if you don’t have fabric glue or have never used it, you can even sew a single stitch to each sleeve in a color thread that blends in with the color of the jersey!
  5. Show off those pins: I’m going to be honest, I just wanted an excuse to use British terminology for legs (it makes me giggle every time…you have my permission to judge all you want), but don’t underestimate the power of a pair of fitted jeans or cutoffs! Wearing a pair of bottoms that accentuate your legs can detract from the bulkiness of a jersey. I’ve tried – and failed – to pull off an a-line skirt and even bell bottoms with a jersey, but neither compare to a classic pair of daisy dukes!

I look forward to Jersey Day, not because I look great in white, or in an oversized, bulky tee (I definitely do NOT), but because I love what my letters represent. And more than that, I love to see my sisters in their jerseys because it reminds me how each girl represents her letters. Embrace your personal style every Jersey Day and don’t be afraid to stand out! Don’t forget that you possess certain qualities that your sorority sisters decided they couldn’t live without when they chose you!

I hope these tips help you feel F-I-E-R-C-E every week when you rep your chapter and make you wish Jersey Day came twice a week!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

-xo Grace

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