6 Tips for Flying in Style

Flying has become a regular part of my routine lately, and going back and forth between college and home has been SUCH a learning experience. For all the do’s and don’ts I’ve picked up along the way, I feel like I am one step closer to successfully adulting since I’ve learned how to fly “smarter”.  Aside from learning to always pack a spare outfit in my carry-on, and pack healthy snacks to skip the over-priced junk at the airport, I’ve picked up a lot of tips on how to dress for a flight.

When it comes to what to wear on a flight, a girl just wants to feel comfy and cozy! Yet, at the same time, I seem to run into more people at the airport than I do on campus! Nothing feels worse than seeing someone when you don’t feel that you look your best. It’s not so much about actually dressing the part as it is wearing the confidence that comes naturally as a result. This, more than anything, is why I put effort into what I wear on a regular basis. Feeling your best should always come first and applies to airport attire just as much as it does classroom/everyday attire.

  1. Layering: You can’t go wrong by layering with a scarf, jacket, or wrap on a flight. I am ALWAYS cold – I even wear a sweatshirt to bed in the summertime haha – so I am never without a couple layers. Circulation gets worse with the altitude change too, so it never hurts to wear something that can also function as a blanket at a moment’s notice. I love a denim jacket because you can tie it around your waist and it never goes out of style! It is a closet staple and an air-travel essential.
  2. Loose fitting clothing: Although I could live in a pair of Lululemon fast and frees for the rest of my life, I never wear leggings on a flight. Circulation and bloating are both side effects of flying made worse by wearing constrictive clothing – and sadly, that makes leggings a no-go. Instead, I love wearing a cozy tank dress or maxi dress. Zero hassle and effortlessly sleek, wearing a dress on a plane is a no brainer.
  3. Fashion Sneakers: You don’t have to throw comfort out the window to dress in style for a flight. I have a couple pairs of shoes that I always wear on a flight day and they are almost all sneakers! Love my Adidas cloudfoam (the grandma orthopedic collection that my mom mocks me for wearing) so much that I fully intend on getting a second pair on Amazon. They are seriously the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned! I also love my Supergas dearly! Even their platform sneaker is a great walking shoe and can make a t-shirt and jeans look a little bit edgier and cooler.
  4. Bring, don’t wear jewelry: As much as I love a bright-colored statement earring, and never leave the house without my watch, jewelry can easily become a pain when you are going through security, or sitting through a long flight. Rather than wear my jewelry, I keep a small pouch in my purse/tote with all the accessories I need to complete my look. I usually put my watch on as soon as I get through TSA (used to be TSA pre-check but suspiciously not anymore ugh) and will wait to put on earrings/bracelets/necklaces until 10 minutes before landing. In a cramped setting, it is so easy for jewelry to get caught or lost if you are like me and end up wanting to take off your earrings 20 minutes into a flight.
  5. Do your hair the night before: It totally depends on your type of hair, but doing my hair the night before a flight is such a time-saver. And, doing your hair is never a bad idea. It says to the world that you “woke up like this” without actually having to wake up a half hour earlier (or more) to style your locks. I have that thick, coarse, lion’s mane type hair that will hold a curl for three days, but also takes at least an hour of tender love and care – it’s a double-edged sword. And because I almost always take the same 6:05 am flight every time I fly to Dallas, I either straighten or curl my hair before going to sleep. I will loosely tie it in a scrunchie (thank you to whoever decided to bring the scrunchie back) so that if I toss and turn during the night, it stays in place. When I wake up, I usually touch up one or two pieces, and in under 10 minutes, the longest part of my morning routine is done.
  6. Beauty Essentials: I get so bummed every time I get off the plane and look in the mirror because oh my goodness, my skin gets SO DRY! Forget lugging a giant suitcase and taking off my shoes at security, I just want to not worry about my face peeling! So, I keep a pouch in my bag with Hempz lip balm (love this stuff!), Fresh’s sugar lip treatment (for a pop of color), aquaphor and if I can remember, hand cream. I also think it’s a good idea to carry concealer with you just in case you want to touch up anything during travel.

*As I mentioned above, I carry little “pouches” in my purse with beauty essentials and jewelry. I actually have these in my bag all the time (I picked up this little hack from my grandma) so that I don’t have to search for my keys, and don’t have to worry about things getting tangled, lost, damaged, or all of the above. Find similar pouches here and here!*

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If you are flight-bound anytime soon, I hope you find these ideas helpful and have safe travels! Happy Sunday!

-xo Grace


Outfit Details:

Dress is Topshop|shoes are Marc Fisher (wore them so they wouldn’t weigh my luggage down)|similar denim jacket here (couldn’t find mine because it is a couple years old so sorry!)

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