There are Always Flowers

With summer dwindling down, I can’t help but reflect on being home over the last couple of months. As much as I will joke to anyone that I am itching to get back to Texas, this might have been one of the best summer’s I’ve had, all from the the same view I’ve known for the last 19 years.

I forget how much I love the routine of being at home and driving down the same tree-lined streets in my neighborhood. With music that sounds like it belongs on a movie soundtrack playing in my car, I get lost for a moment in the sheer beauty of the mid-afternoon sun hitting the Eucalyptus trees as I make my way home from what has become a daily voyage to Whole Foods.

It’s days like these that remind me of what Henri Matisse once said, “There are always flowers for those who want to see them”.

As someone who is always whizzing around, wondering where I left my phone, running errands, planning my next big adventure etc. I sometimes forget to appreciate being right where I am. I am surrounded by flowers ย – not in a literal sense of course, because ย it’s a cool 108 degrees currently – and yet, I feel like I am only just beginning to see them for how vibrant they truly are. The local produce, the familiar faces, and above all my family, bring me so much joy.

Lately, on our morning walks, my mom especially reminds me of this, as we laugh over things that are probably only funny to us, but funny nonetheless. We are two peas in a pod (I say as I finish off a bag of snap peas I just opened) and she, more than anyone else, understands my needs before I can even recognize them in myself. And she allows me to find certain joys in life that I might otherwise miss.

She is my rose. As are my dad, brother – and even the Starbucks barista who knows my order by heart and always serves me with a smile. They might not realize it, but simply being in their presence makes my heart so full.

I’ll let Nicholas Sparks take it from here, because I’m getting teary and this is getting sappy. But I can’t help it!!!

I say this all as a reminder to myself more than anything, but also as a message to those like myself who will soon be leaving home as the upcoming school year begins. With these flowers in our life, seemingly hand-picked for us, it can be hard to let go.

As I tell myself though, in leaving one garden, I am entering another. That in itself, makes it impossible to overlook the flowers in full bloom wherever we are going. And the flowers at home will still be there – they always are.

-xo Grace



2 thoughts on “There are Always Flowers

  1. This is beautiful grace! You are a rose in my garden ever since we met in art class. You were always so pretty and stylish and you always commented such nice things on my art, which was big for me since you were a talented and gifted artist already. Your compliments have given me my own confidence to continue my art, and itโ€™s thanks to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. (you are still very pretty and stylish and an amazing artist)

    1. Morgan you are making me tear up! You are simply so endearing and sweet! You really are so talented and I love seeing what you create – I can’t wait to see your art in a gallery somewhere one day soon!

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