My Fave Chic and Affordable Sunglasses

Yesterday, my mom and I both acknowledged something we had both been ignoring for quite some time – my sunglasses obsession. Staring at my impressive (if you can call it that) collection though, the remarkable thing is that all together, they add up to roughly the price of one pair of designer sunglasses.

What I’ve found over the years is that 1) I am in fact sunglasses obsessed and 2) I should not be trusted to take care of expensive shades. I have a remarkable ability to misplace nice things and worse yet, my mom cleans off my sunglasses every time I take them off because I rarely do so myself (just another reason she is THE absolute best).

With this in mind, I’ve gone through enough pairs – as you might imagine – to test out a couple brands over the years. And with light-colored eyes, I actually need cheap sunglasses that are functional as well. Years of squinty-eyed photos are proof of this. But, I have found a couple brands that do both seamlessly! These are my current faves (in no particular order).

  1. Le Specs: Le Specs are great because they feel like high quality sunglasses, without the designer price tag. Each pair is distinctly avant garde, but simultaneously very wearable for your everyday look. They take style to the next level (those dang Europeans never cease to impress) and I just love, love, love their shades.fullsizeoutput_44cf
  2. Quay: I wear these ALL. THE. DANG. TIME. I ordered my pair off of Amazon about 6 months ago and cannot rave about these enough. They are super functional, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel like a totally badass when I wear them (we can all dream am I right?) This Australian brand got it right when they set out to make sunglasses that were affordable and cutting edge! fullsizeoutput_44cd
  3. Armear: These are my newest find on Amazon and the perfect pair of summer shades! I discovered them through the blogger Kathleen Barnes, who I have seen wear them in multiple colors. Of course, I had to buy a pair, because I adore her and aspire to look as effortlessly fab as her. At $10 or under per pair, I have no regrets buying the same pair in every color. They are chic, trendy, and versatile sunglasses. I think I might be their newest fan!fullsizeoutput_44f3
  4. DIFF Eyewear: I have been obsessed with DIFF for years, primarily because I love their cause, but also because their styles are bold and vibrant! As part of their mission, for every pair of their shades purchased, a pair of reading glasses is given to someone in need. As someone who has terrible (+6.00…shhh don’t tell) vision, I can only imagine what a difference this makes for those who receive them. So, of course, I applied to be a brand ambassador for their company. And, if you use my code on your first purchase you can get 20% off! Just click here!fullsizeoutput_44db
  5. Privé Reveaux: My dear friend Caroline got me hooked on these last year, and now I       own 4 pairs (a little excessive but so worth it!) What I love about these is that each pair is $30 (or $25 per pair if you buy 3, so I mean why buy just one?) and they are all polarized! If I am driving, I will always grab for these first. Not to mention each style is something you won’t find anywhere else!fullsizeoutput_44f4

As always, thank you for visiting the blog! If you happen to buy a pair of any of these shades, let me know, send me a picture, and if nothing else, I hope you LOVE them as much as I do! Happy sunglasses shopping!

-xo Grace

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