A Bag with a Story


I recently invested in a purchase that has brought me so much joy – a Sophie Anderson bag. You might not have heard of this newcomer to the fashion scene but, let me just say that each bag is distinctly beautiful and uniquely handcrafted. With playful color combinations and stunning silhouettes, I am obsessed with their bags.

When I purchased this bag, I actually knew nothing about the brand and the bag was final sale (always a little risky, but sometimes you have to take chances am I right?).

What I love about this bag:

  • The color story! Some might argue that white, lavender, and turquoise is an unlikely pairing, but it just works on every level! Pair it with black, navy, white – it looks great with everything.
  • It is so lightweight! You don’t realize how important this is until you stuff your bag with car keys (which I can never find), lip gloss(es), phone, wallet etc. No one wants to feel like they are lugging around a brick. These bags are so portable and lightweight though. Like carrying a cloud!
  • It makes a statement. I don’t accessorize much, so for me, I love to wear a bag that stands on its own and embodies my style. You can’t go wrong with this crescent shaped work of art. Not only does it stand on its own, it is eye-catching for all the right reasons – sleek, refined, elegant. I love an unconventional bag.
  • Woven leather! A truly understated, yet beautiful design that I love in any bag. This bag is like if Bottega Veneta had a baby with Betsey Johnson. It’s woven leather re-invisioned (shout out to the wonderful and talented people who weave each bag)
  • Each bag is handwoven. I realize you gathered that from the previous bullet point, but I had to devote a separate bullet point for probably the most remarkable feature of this bag anyway. How special is it to carry something in your hands that was made by hand?! First employing the talents of the Colombian Wayuu and since expanding into Peru, Europe, and India, Sophie Anderson’s bags all speak to the craftsmanship of each piece.

If you see me sporting this bag more often, now you know why! This is a rare gem and further proof that a handbag truly is a work of art.

As always, thank you for stopping by (feel free to stick around)! ๐Ÿ™‚

-xo Grace

Outfit Details

Tank by Monki | Shorts by Express | Earrings by Bauble Bar |ย Shoes by STEVEN by Steve Madden | Sunglasses by Armear

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