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Tomorrow marks the beginning of Amazon’s Prime Day and I thought there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to share 10 of my best Amazon purchases this last year. As most know, I am a sale shopper and dedicated Amazon groupie. Although I wish I could tell you what deals will be offered, I am not the great and powerful Oz *sigh*. But, I’ve snagged a couple great deals through Amazon and couldn’t resist sharing why you just might want to add them to your cart if you’re shopping the sale tomorrow!

  1. Steve Madden Slithur Dress Sandal – it might not be the most obvious place to buy shoes, but Amazon has been one of my best kept shoe secrets for the last couple years. You can find virtually any shoes (trend or designer) at a fraction of the cost. These heels are so versatile and every girl needs a pair of nude heels that you can dress up or down. These are exactly that and they come in a variety of colors if you’re looking to add a pop of color to your wardrobe.
  2. Truwomen Plant Fueled Protein Bars – These are ZAMN GOOD (looking at you Zesty Lemon) and no Smuther Fudger (also delicious) could convince me to stop ordering these. Every flavor has my heart and I love that Amazon delivers them right to your doorstep! You can check out why these are one of my favorite planet-based bars here!
  3. Foamily Pillow Inserts – Pillow inserts can be completely overpriced, especially if you are ordering online. But, these inserts come vacuum packed at a low price of $7.99 and are a nice backrest as I sit here typing. No contest, these are a great buy!
  4. Quay “If ONLY” Sunglasses – As you’ve probably noticed, I wear these sunglasses A LOT. With my track record, I don’t think I should ever own a pair of designer sunglasses, but really I don’t think I could ever find a pair I love as much as these. I  only wish I hadn’t waited so long to get a pair of blue shades! They’re swanky and they are a great pop of color if your outfit ever needs a lil’ “oomph”.
  5. Superga Women’s 2287 Cotmetw Sneakers – I snagged these for $17.99 a couple months ago and they are by far the best deal I’ve found on Amazon in a while. I am a sucker for metallic shoes – I mean you can’t go wrong with a little rose gold here and there ya know? Paired will a monochromatic ensemble, these shoes give you instant swagger. Right now they are marked back up, but they are still cheaper than you will find at most other sellers and an all-around great purchase.
  6. CHOETECH Wireless Charging Pad – If you have an iPhone 8 or newer, I highly recommend a charging pad. In the past when I had my phone plugged in, I would alway strip over the cord and yank it out of my phone in the process. No one needs a broken phone, or broken ankle for that matter. I can put my charging pad on any surface and it never lets me down!
  7. Magicfly Makeup Mirror – If you live in a dorm, you likely understand the difficulties of doing your makeup in a poorly lit room (my room has what I like to call “interrogation room lighting”). This makeup mirror was such a good buy because despite a small price tag, it is a high quality mirror and essential makeup tool. I highly recommend a three-paneled mirror when you are trying to blend in those trickier spots around the ear and neck where foundation tends to get splotchy and this does the job perfectly.
  8. Sonix Chubby Bunny Phone Case – Phone cases are one of those things that I for some reason refuse to pay full price for and ironically, I have expensive taste when it comes to styling my phone. I have had three cases by Sonix now and they have consistently been my favorite because they are indestructible and easy to clean. They aren’t necessarily pricey per se, but I love a good deal and you can get them $10 through Amazon. Another great place (just a side note here) to find Sonix cases is at Nordstrom Rack.
  9. Wild Friends Peanut Butter Squeeze Packs – I’m still waiting for the day where I can find these in-store because hands-down this is my favorite peanut butter, specifically this chocolate coconut peanut butter. With only 5 ingredients and 5g of sugar per 2 tbsp, it tastes like dessert but is made with simple ingredients that make sense. The only problem was that I used to pick up a whole jar when I would go on grocery runs and somehow manage to eat half the jar in one sitting every time. But, these mini packs are such a good on the go, packable snack.
  10. Eat Pretty Every Day –  This is one of my more recent purchases and I am loving each day of inspiration it brings me. I feel like I am learning so much culinary wisdom – watch out Bobby Flay! Not to mention, this would be such a cute gift! Imagine surprising your friend with this book and a fresh bouquet of flowers on their birthday! I mean, C’MON! Adorable.

If you haven’t shopped the Prime Day sale and plan to, having the Amazon app helps you access exclusive sneak peaks at what’s to come. Also, add items to your cart tonight to get a jumpstart on products that might be on sale tomorrow. When it comes to technology or size-specific purchases like shoes, taking these measures will save you some heartache and allow you to shop like a pro!

ALSO, there will be some major savings at Whole Foods in-store tomorrow for Prime members, so if you haven’t yet, make sure to download the QR code on the Whole Foods app to scan at checkout!

If you do some damage tomorrow, let me know what deals you come across and I’ll try to compile a list of the best buys for Amazon Prime Day 2018! Happy shopping!

-xo Grace

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