Hello Darling.

Hi there! My name is Grace and I am a California native and now, a Texas adoptee, studying at lovely Southern Methodist University. I love just about everything from fashion to cooking and everything in between. I grew up with a love for visual arts and have recently begun channeling it through the food I cook, focusing on clean eating and developing ketogenic approved meals. College has taught me the importance of wellness and after years of protesting the thought of going to the gym, I consider myself a fitness junkie most days (occasionally I still like to vegetate on the couch and watch Bravo) and have developed a passion for barre and HIIT training in particular. My love for fashion probably comes first though. At this point, I am nothing short of a bonafide shopaholic.

All of these passions combined made me think that I should share what inspires me in hopes that those who read my blog are encouraged to be fearless in the pursuit of what excites their imagination.

Thank you for entertaining me in the thought that what I have to say might actually be worthwhile and feel free to stop by whenever!

xo Grace




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