5 Travel-Size Essentials You Should Always Carry in Your Bag

It’s taken me nineteen years to figure it out, but after years of toting around bags the size of a small Pomeranian (a generous comparison) it finally occurred to me while walking through Target’s travel section, that travel sized items should be everyday purse essentials.

Most of the bags in my closet can’t even fit my phone, let alone many of the things I wish I could grab for during a mini-emergency. And while I highly recommend the Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kits, why not make your own? Here are a few packable essentials that will save the day in most day to day scenarios.

1. Q-Tips:

If I am being completely honest, I am not always the best when it comes to makeup, and I am often the one with lipstick on her teeth and mascara smudging under her eyes (I blame my resting smile face). Q-Tips are honestly underrated in these scenarios and help you save face – literally. As opposed to using your finger, Q-tips are more hygienic and more precise.


2. Mini Toothbrush:

I eat an obscene amount of kale and unfortunately, 90 percent of it seems to end up stuck in my teeth. All hail the mini toothbrush for saving the day!  Even if you don’t get food stuck in your teeth – in which case you’re probably superhuman – having a mini toothbrush on hand is essential for a girl on the go. Don’t risk returning from your lunch break with bad breath – that alone could get you fired.



3. Fashion Tape:

Nothing makes me more self-aware than realizing that my shirt won’t stay in place and I am on the verge of a “Girls Gone Wild” type moment. Maybe you can relate if you’ve ever attempted to bend down in a loose-fitting blouse. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have fashion tape on hand? The nice thing, is that now fashion tape comes in these convenient travel sized containers with enough strips to even lend your friend a strip or two if you’re feeling generous.new3

4. Hairspray:

I have that thick, coarse hair that loves to expand in the humidity and will drop a curl like it’s hot at a moment’s notice. Don’t let a bad hair day ruin your day again and keep a small bottle of hairspray with you at all times, keeping those baby hairs from sticking up and holding your curls in place all day. *Bonus Tip: Dry shampoo is another great thing to keep on hand for a long day/evening.*


5. Band Aids:

It’s an obvious choice and yet, no one seems to ever have a bandaid – EVER. My heels are very blister-prone, partially as a result of living in a hot, humid climate, and partially due to my unusually narrow feet that cause my heels to slip out o most shoes. In any case, keeping bandaids on hand can be a real lifesaver. S*** happens. So keep bandaids in your bag at all times – you can thank me later.


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